The Fundraising for Organizations Voluntary

Define the fundraising (fundraising) as a set of activities
aimed at obtaining financial resources necessary to achieve
the statutory objectives could be restrictive. Take care of the collection
Funds must mean, above all, give rise to a strategic action aimed
to an objective of growth and development. Only in this way the fundraising It becomes the real tool to achieve institutional goals.
The fundraiser is a specialized practice that can be done
exclusively by external consultants but it ‘s a design route,
creation and development of a non-profit organization or an individual
initiative that involves both the leaders and the officials of a
Fund raising is not ‘the collection of funds to survive a
organization but to truly realize its mission and its objectives
while beneficial to society. Today, anyone who gives money to organizations non-profit, be it an individual citizen, an organization, a business or a government decides to make a social investment that,
as such, it must be efficient and effective.

Different ways to get funding

Any volunteer organization, to realize his activities, supports different types of costs that may include:
• the activities carried out directly by the volunteers: expenses for
transportation, telephone charges, stationery costs, expenses
Insurance, spent training;
• the activities put in a total of organization to provide a solution to problems and realize services: Motor vehicle costs, personnel costs, costs of facilities management, professional service fees, costs
for the organization of events;
• expenses directly related to certain projects: costs design, financial costs;
• expenses for the promotion of initiatives and organization: implementation of information products and / or documentativi,
media campaigns;
• the very existence of the organization: bookkeeping, shareholders’ meetings and meetings, management relationship with shareholders.
In view of these various different types of expenditure, the main possibilities available to organizations to fund its activities and cover
then the costs are:

– The members’ contributions (self-financing the membership by their members and volunteers);
– State subsidies or local or international entities;
– The search for sponsors;
– Bequests;

– The organization of specific events for the collection of funds;
– Participation in tenders and cash prizes.

Today, however, many of those which have been the traditional sources for years financing are not enough to meet the new and growing
requests for intervention in social work. Hence, even in Italy, and long overdue than is the case in particular in Anglo-Saxon countries, there is’ a
increasing interest for all those fundraising techniques
They allow you to contact large numbers of potential donors for
raise the funds necessary to the pursuit of social goals. techniques that
must always keep in mind that donors, unlike what
happens with taxes, perform a voluntary act, and when you give him
They accomplished only if they are convinced of the goodness of the cause which requires their contribution.
The voluntary nature of contributions and ‘then the most important aspect of this activities. Donors do not buy an object, but contribute to a
cause. Because it therefore should not be “sold” but explained in the way
better, more in tune with the thinking and the behavior of
possible donors.
Whatever though the use of this form of financing will be
You must always act in a highly professional manner to avoid
unsatisfactory results and even in a bad light association
or its members. Ask contributions implies, in fact, in addition to knowing how presented in the right way its cause, to know how to properly
manage the funds collected and to be able to document to donors
their proper use.